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Feeding your growing kids

"Mom, I am hungry!" I think I hear that over 20 times a day! Don’t you?

Having a growing teenage boy can be very demanding especially when it comes to food.

They are hungry ALL THE TIME!!

I find it most challenging during lunch time as I am more focused on what I will be making for dinner that I sometimes tend to not think about lunch.

"During the stay at home orders, my kitchen has turned into a 24 hour diner!"

As a solution, I found this multi-purpose food storage system called reVessel.

The Adventure Kit - a bento style leakproof food storage system has been such a huge life savior for me. It's not your average tiny lunch box and it's designed to feed a growing man! I love the fact that I can prepare left over meals for my son, arrange the containers how ever I want and all he has to do is take it out of the fridge when he is hungry.

I also like that he only has to take out one thing from the fridge and not multiple items where things can break and create a mess. No one wants a messy kitchen!

When he is done and if there is some leftovers, he can place it back in the fridge to eat again later.

The containers inside the box are leak proof, and can be used in the oven to warm food up if needed.

I was introduced to this amazing box from a local online lunchbox group. A wonderful family in my community of San Elijo Hills created this product. It was designed with the goal of taking your food with you anywhere and eating it the way it is intended to be served. So for example, if I have a Green Bean Stew meal, I can pack the rice and the soupy part and warm them up in the oven or on stove top or even on a camp, fire! Those stainless steel leak proof containers are oven safe, and stove top safe.

The bamboo lid is leak proof and also used as a cutting board… Genius! Just keep in mind to hand wash it and not place in fridge. All other materials are dishwasher safe and refrigerator safe.

It got me thinking, this box will be make an amazing Sohoor Box سحور for my Muslim friends who are fasting during Ramadan and or an Iftar Box for those who work and want to break their fast at sunset.

So many different ways to use this meal box and I am happy to share with you how I have been using it around my house and in my life to save my sanity. I have expressed my love for this product with my friends and neighbors at reVessel and mentioned that I want all my friends to learn more about it. They were so generous to give me a code for you to use to get a discount! Use code FALAFELDIVA for 10% Off at

See how it works!

Thank you for reading


Photo Credit: Kinda Arzon Photography

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